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In these booking conditions Creative Cruising Pty Ltd (ABN 19 623 159 160) and entities that are related or affiliated with it in the provision of the services it agrees to provide (where the context admits, together with its and their employees and agents) are included in the expressions the “Company”, “Creative Cruising”, “we”, “our” or “us” and a person requesting or obtaining the services offered by Creative Cruising, all other persons (if any) included with that person in the request or booking and that person’s or those persons’ travel agent (if any) are included in the expression “you”, “your” or “passenger”.

  1. Creative Cruising arranges bookings, ticketing and other ancillary services of and for travel, accommodation and other leisure activities (“Arrangements”).  Creative Cruising is neither a common carrier nor a private carrier and does not provide any of the travel, accommodation or other activities described on its website www.creativecruising.com.au (“Travel Products”).  Creative Cruising acts as your agent in making the Arrangements with third party suppliers who provide Travel Products as principals (“Suppliers”).  Creative Cruising is not the agent of any such Suppliers.
  2. Travel Arrangements & Travel Products: Booking of Arrangements shall be considered proof that your travel agent on your behalf or you (if booking directly) have read our booking conditions, that you accept them without reservation as constituting the entire agreement between you and Creative Cruising which can only be varied by an officer of Creative Cruising in writing.  All Travel Products arranged by Creative Cruising are provided by Suppliers believed by Creative Cruising to be reputable and to operate in accordance with the standards set down by their own local authorities.  Those Travel Products are provided subject to those Suppliers’ terms, conditions and limitations (some of which may exclude or limit liability in respect of death, injury, delay, loss or damage to passenger’s person and/or effects) and Creative Cruising accepts no responsibility for them and does not make or give any warranty or representation as to their standard.  Any legal recourse you may have in respect of those Travel Products is against those Suppliers and not against Creative Cruising.  Creative Cruising recommends that all passengers take out adequate travel insurance cover valid for the entire duration of their travel arrangements.
  3. Quotation, Changes in Price & Itineraries: Prices are in Australian dollars (except where stated otherwise). A quote is an indicative price only and prices may change up until the time a booking is successfully made. Prices are accurate at the time of booking. Government taxes and charges imposed by Suppliers or third parties, including airline fuel surcharges, taxes or ticketing fees are subject to change.  If any increase in such taxes or charges or any currency fluctuation increases the price of your booking, the Company reserves the right to adjust your price by including additional charges, together with any applicable service fee and GST, at any time prior to and including the date of your departure, even if we have received full payment from you.  We will notify you of schedule or price changes made by our Suppliers for any reason beyond our control.  If the change or changes result in your Arrangements being materially different from those prior to the change or changes being effected (and in respect of which we have already accepted your deposit or balance of payment) you may rearrange them or withdraw and monies already paid will be refunded less any charges levied by Suppliers.  The Company reserves the right to correct any errors in amounts quoted, calculated or billed in respect of a booking, even if full payment has been made.
  1. Cabin Guarantee (GTY): On a variety of cruises a reservation may have been confirmed as a ‘cabin guarantee’. Also know n as a GTY basis, the cruise line is accepting your reservation for that particular grade of accommodation or higher, rather than assigning a specific cabin number. Cabin numbers are confirmed either when cruise documents are issued or up on embarkation with a guarantee a customer will not be allocated any cabin BELOW this grade. Ensure you check the deck plans to confirm if you are happy to book a cabin with an obstructed view. Please be advised a cabin number will be assigned to you and you cannot request a specific cabin number(s).
  2. Deposit & Payment: All payments must be in Australian Dollars (AUD$). A travel agent is not Creative Cruising’s agent for the purpose of receipt of the deposit, additional deposit or the balance of the price and Creative Cruising accepts no liability for those amounts until received by us.Credit & Debit Card payments:  Up to 3% non-commissionable surcharge applies to all payments by credit and debit cards. Surcharge % details are outlined on your Invoice Terms & Conditions.  This surcharge is not shown on the invoice and will be calculated at the time of payment. This surcharge is not refundable in any circumstance. The Deposit must be paid by the date outlines on your formal system generated invoice. Any additional deposit required by a Supplier must be paid within the timeframe required by the Supplier. You will be notified if any additional deposit (including Supplier advance payment) requirements apply.  If the deposit or any Supplier advance payment or additional deposit has not been received by the Company within the time specified by us, the booking is subject to cancellation without notice. The balance of the price of your holiday arrangements is payable to the Company by the due date stated on your invoice.  If for any reason we have not received payment by the due date, we reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled and you must pay to us the appropriate cancellation charges. Surcharge Rate: MasterCard and Visa 1% non-commissionable surcharge*, American Express 1.8% non-commissionable surcharge*

*Surcharge not shown on the invoice, calculated at the time of payment, surcharge is non-refundable.

NOTE:  All payments must be made by 12 Noon AEST (Mon-Fri) on the due date, to avoid auto cancellations by Suppliers. If a payment is made after 12 Noon AEST on the due date, you must call through to our Reservations on .

  1. Travel Documents: Guests must complete the Cruise Personaliser registration for the specific Cruise Line supplier (if applicable) they are travelling with in order for the Travel Documents to be released from supplier. Once Cruiseline documentation is available from the Cruiseline, Creative Cruising will electronically send the soft copy to you.Should you require printed documents, for all international bookings please contact our documentation team to request. For all domestic printed documentation requests a AU$20 fee per cabin will be incurred.

**Please note all bookings which embark and disembark in Australia, and are 16 nights or longer will also qualify for complementary hard documentation.

All early printed Travel Document requests must be emailed to documentation@creativecruising.com.au a minimum of 4 weeks prior to booking departure. In order to prioritise early documentation requests, please attach a copy of your client’s E-tickets or itinerary which is a requirement by the Cruise line. Alternatively, please call us on .

  1. Late Bookings: Bookings made within 90 days of departure will only be accepted if payment of the price in full is received by the Company at the time of reservation.  If a booking is made within 7 days of departure, you must provide a credit card or other means approved by the Company that secures payment of any cancellation fees if the booking is subsequently cancelled.  Some bookings made within 7 days of departure may incur a service fee of $50 (inclusive of Australian GST) applies.
  2. Cancellations, alterations, reissues & other services: If you cancel or terminate your travel arrangements you must notify Creative Cruising by email and phone. Cancellations can be confirmed only after Creative Cruising has emailed a Cancellation Confirmation to the Agent: Prior to final payment – there will be no refund of your deposit, additional deposit or any Supplier advance payment (where applicable). After final payment – In certain cases on cancellations of fully paid bookings, Creative Cruising may impose an additional cancellation charge up to the value of $100. In most cases there will be cancellation fees charged by Suppliers, such as Cruiselines, airlines, hotels and ground operators of all or part of the price paid. This will delay the payment of any refund due.  For this reason Creative Cruising strongly recommends that your travel insurance policy includes cover for cancellation charges in the event of cancellation due to illness or other circumstances. Amendments – there will be 2 amendments free of charge and any alternations to the booking dates, supplier, or any passenger related amendments, there will be a fee up of to $75 per alternation. NOTE: Where a cruise line releases a promotional fare after you have booked, any transfer of that booking to a promotional fare on the same or new cruise is regarded as a cancellation of the first booking and subject to cancellation fees. Some cruise lines have strict policies regarding rebooking a cruise on promotional rates.
  3. Refunds: No refund is available for cancellations after your travel has commenced or in respect of any Arrangements, tours, accommodation, meals or any other services not utilised whether by choice, or because of late arrival or early departure, including failure of any transport to operate according to schedule.  Please note that employees of any Supplier are not authorised by Creative Cruising to make on behalf of Creative Cruising any undertakings in respect of refunds or other matters.
  4. What’s Not Included in the Price: Airfares, transfers, pre and post accommodation and any other services not otherwise stated or paid for on your itinerary confirmation. This may also include anything not specifically included in the Arrangements such as excess baggage, airport taxes, passport and visa fees, insurance, laundry, phone calls, beverages, meals not detailed in the itinerary, gratuities in some cases, tips to tour directors, motor coach drivers and local guides and all other items of a personal nature including expenses, fees or costs incurred in case of illness. Items not included on regular menus; expenses for additional sightseeing not specified in the itinerary, premium spirits & premium wine (please refer to complimentary beverage program if applicable), any drinks or meals not detailed in the itinerary; and health, accident, baggage, or travel protection plans.
  5. Gratuities (unless otherwise stated): for on-board and onshore personnel (including but not limited to ship staff, crew, cruise/tour manager, local experts, and drivers) are not included in Arrangements.  When gratuities are included they may not cover all services or gratuities, both during the cruise and tour as well as on any pre or post-cruise land extensions.  Some cruise lines have mandatory on board gratuities. If your fare includes gratuities as a prepayment, this will be outlined on your booking confirmation.
  6. Insurance: We highly recommend you arrange travel insurance against loss of deposit and cancellation charges, baggage loss, theft, accident, injury and medical expenses. You must arrange your own insurance.  Creative Cruising makes no representations or guarantees concerning risks covered or reimbursement available under any insurance and you must satisfy yourself in that regard.  You agree not to hold Creative Cruising responsible for any decision made by insurers, and/or by any Suppliers, or requirements of any overseas country or governmental authority or overseas laws and policies. Creative Cruising can provide insurance letters as required, less the cancellation charges imposed by us after a fully paid booking is cancelled.
  7. Passports, Visa & Baggage:  Ensure you are aware of all PASSPORT and VISA requirements for your destination and allow time to obtain them prior to your departure. See: https://visalink.com.au. Many countries require your passport be valid for at least 6 months beyond your departure from that country.  A visa does not guarantee you entry to or permission to remain in a country.  Some countries may refuse entry because of your state of health or for other reasons, or may detain, expel or repatriate you. NOTE: It is your responsibility to find out about visa entry, health and other requirements of countries to which you intend to travel and you should make the appropriate disclosures as required.  These matters are not our responsibility.  A failure to disclose a health condition may result in the applicable country refusing you entry, or in you being detained, expelled or repatriated from it. The Company accepts no responsibility and is not liable for any expenses, costs liabilities or loss incurred in relation to such matters or for your failure to comply with laws, regulations, orders and/or requirements of countries visited.  You agree to not hold the Company including its servants and agents responsible in that regard. To ensure the safety of all passengers, it may be necessary for the Company or its servants and agents to disclose particulars of your health or any medical condition to Suppliers of other services forming part of your Arrangements.  You authorise the Company or its servants and agents to make such disclosure on your behalf and agree that a disclosure by the Company or its servants and agents shall not amount to a breach of confidence or duty and you will not hold the Company or its servants and agents liable in respect thereof in tort or in contract or under any anti-discrimination laws. Neither the Company nor its servants and agents are responsible for any disclosures of a health condition made by Suppliers whose services are part of your Arrangements or for the acts of any governmental instrumentalities of the countries connected therewith.
  8. Vaccinations: Are recommended for certain destinations. Please contact your local GP or the Travel doctor (www.traveldoctor.com.au) who will advise you of these requirements. Please note that some vaccinations may be required weeks in advance of travelling.
  9. Description of Products: Descriptions and standards provided for cruise lines, hotels, transfers, activities, airfares and other suppliers are obtained directly from our providers. Any facilities shown as included are subject to change at any time. Creative Cruising does not guarantee the standard, class, type for any purpose or service.
  10. Room Bedding Guide: Prices are based on existing bedding in the room which is provided purely as a guide subject to hotel renovations or other circumstances.  Requests for particular arrangements must be made at the time of booking. eg. twin (separate beds) or a double bed.  Requested arrangements cannot be guaranteed, as hotels and cruise cabins may have limited availability of bedding types.  Additional rollaway beds for triple share hotel room stays may be arranged at time of check-in and charges are payable direct to the hotel.
  11. Hotel Check-In & Vehicle Rentals: To guarantee charges for incidental items, Suppliers usually require validation of a current credit card upon check-in or pick up.
  12. Accommodation & Other Services. As standards of accommodation, facilities and services within your Arrangements are based on various factors, Creative Cruising makes no specific representation with regard thereto or with respect to fitness for purpose of any that are available or provided.  Reference to facilities in hotels such as gyms, spas or saunas does not imply their use is free.
  13. Variations: If unforeseen circumstances beyond our control require us to make necessary changes to your Arrangements, we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule departures and itineraries.  Where it is necessary to change a hotel the Company reserves the right to substitute accommodation of at least a similar standard.
  14. Frequent Flyer Points: Airfares may or may not attract Frequent Flyer points.  This decision rests with the airline and is not the responsibility of the Company.  The passenger or booking agent must check with the airline and provide the necessary information as required.
  15. Passport Checks: You and your travel agent are required to ensure names used to make a booking are exactly as those appearing in the passports.  You must pay us the name correction/change fee for any name or spelling changes and any re-issue fee charged by an airline or Supplier if these were incorrectly supplied at time of booking.
  16. Law and Jurisdiction:  The agreement between the Company and the passenger in respect of the services to be provided by the Company to the passenger and which is constituted by the terms and conditions contained on this website (and no other matters) is governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia.  The Company and the passenger submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of New South Wales and Courts of appeal therefrom.
  17. Complaints: We endeavour to ensure that the Arrangements we have made for you are implemented as arranged.  If a problem occurs, the most practical way to deal with it is to attempt resolution locally with the Supplier.  If you fail to follow this course, any claim for compensation may be reduced or denied.  If you have any unresolved complaint, details should be lodged in writing (with supporting documentation, including efforts made with the Supplier to resolve it) with your travel agent within 30 days of return to Australia.
  18. Air Terms and Conditions: *Conditions Apply. Airfare pricing is displayed per person in AUD and includes all air taxes and surcharges. Pricing also includes a compulsory ticketing fee of $20 per person per ticket. Airfares displayed and booked online are subject to change and auto-cancellation until paid in full and tickets are issued. Passengers will be bound by each airlines terms and conditions which can be found online at each airlines website. All flights are subject to cancellation and schedule changes by the airline at any time up until date of travel. Subject to the airlines terms and conditions, alternative travel arrangements may be offered. Voluntary cancellation and amendments to ticketed fares will be subject to mandatory airline fees. In addition to airline charges there will be additional fees charged by Creative Cruising. These include ticketing fees, amendments after ticketing and cancellations, which will incur a $20 fee per person per ticket. Airfares included as part of an advertised packaged product are correct as of time of publication and are subject to change and availability upon booking.


  1. Creative Cruising agrees to make reservations for the passenger with the Suppliers offering Travel Products described on our website on the terms in these booking conditions.  Creative Cruising is not the agent of any such Supplier.  All coupons, exchange orders, contracts, tickets or vouchers issued by Creative Cruising, including electronic issue (collectively “vouchers”) are issued subject to all tariffs terms and conditions contained in the contracts in use by the Suppliers when used, which may exclude liability for any acts, omissions or defaults (whether negligent or otherwise) and which are subject to the applicable laws, requirements and policies of governments, governmental authorities or their employees, including visa, entry, exit or transit requirements.  Those tariffs, terms and conditions constitute the sole contract between the passenger and the Supplier and the initial payment of deposit and/or acceptance of such vouchers constitute confirmation of such contract.
  2. We are responsible to the passenger for arranging supply of the services described on our website, except where such services cannot be supplied or the itinerary is changed due to delays or other unforeseen causes or nature beyond the control of Creative Cruising.  In such circumstances, Creative Cruising will do its best to arrange supply of comparable services and itineraries, but there shall be no refund.
  3. We accept no responsibility for and to the extent permitted by law excludes all liability of every nature including but not limited to liability in contract, tort or under any law for all loss of every nature, including but not limited to death, injury, damage, delay, additional expense, inconvenience, distress or disappointment resulting from or because of the acts, omissions or default (whether negligent or otherwise) of any person over whom Creative Cruising has no direct control, being acts, omissions or defaults occurring in connection with any Travel Product or in connection with any goods or services forming part of any Travel Product arranged by Creative Cruising including, but not limited to, those of any governmental authorities, travel agents, airlines, air carriers, coach operators, land carriers, shipping companies or operators, cruise or ferry operators, other transport providers, hoteliers or other providers of accommodation, providers of meals, other facilities, excursions or optional services, and of every officer, employee or agent of all of them.
  4. If the law implies a condition or warranty that cannot be lawfully excluded, the Company’s liability for a breach thereof will be limited, as determined by the Company, to re-supply of the goods or services the subject of the Arrangement or payment of the cost of their re-supply.
  5. The Company accepts no responsibility or no liability of any nature, including but not limited to liability in contract, tort or under any law for any loss of the nature described in paragraphs 11, 23 or 24 hereof resulting from or because of: (a) the acts, omissions or defaults of any passengers; or (b) any other events which are beyond the Company’s control including, but not limited to, war, civil disturbance, fire, floods, severe weather conditions, acts of God, acts of government or any other authorities, industrial action, failure of equipment or machinery.
  6. If you decide that you do not want to visit a country or part of a country you intended to visit because of any law, condition or requirements of any government or governmental authority, official, servant or agent, you are responsible for any costs, expenses, charges, fees, losses or damage incurred as a consequence and any cancellation or amendment fees.
  7. Every effort is made to ensure website accuracy at all times.  However, the Company cannot be held responsible for loading, printing or typographical errors or errors arising from unforeseen circumstances.  No airline by virtue of being depicted on our website represents itself either as contracting with any purchaser of Travel Products from or as having any other legal relationship with such purchaser.


  1. ATAS – Accreditation Scheme ATAS or the AFTA Travel Accreditation Scheme is a national scheme which certifies Australian travel agents. It is administered by the industry association, the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (ATAS – A10343).
  2. How does ATAS benefit you? ATAS is the stamp of approval that symbolises the Australian travel industry’s highest level of customer service, training, ethics and professionalism. By using a travel agent that bears the ATAS symbol you can be sure that you are booking through the best in the industry.

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